Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Midterm Exams Schedule (August 3-7, 2015)

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DWST Midterm Examinations (August 3-7, 2015)
1. The schedule follows the usual schedule of classes.
2. Regular classes are held even during the Midterms Week.
3. Professors of Special Courses may set their own schedule.

Monday – Msgr. Santos (Morals)
Tuesday – Fr. Ferrer (Revelation and Faith); Fr. Saniel (SVD Spirituality)
Wednesday – Sr. Alejandrino (Intro to Sacred Scripture)
Thursday – Fr. Layugan (Research)
Friday – Fr. Flores (Synoptics)

Monday – Fr. Javier (Introduction  To Missiology); Fr. Uy (Ancient Church History)
Tuesday – Sr. Alejandrino (Pentateuchal Studies)
Wednesday – Fr. Crisostomo  (General  Introduction to Liturgy); Fr. Flores (Christology)
Thursday – Sr. Cabantog  (Book I: General Norms); Fr. Tiong (Bio- Ethics)
Friday – Fr. Nicasio  (Principle of Homiletics)

Monday – Fr. Mandin (Social, Political Ethics)
Tuesday – Sr. Dianzon (Paul); Sr. Dianzon (Greek)
Wednesday – Fr. Recepcion  (Mariology); Fr. Marfori  (Grace)
Thursday – Fr. Corcuera  (Sacraments)
Friday – Fr. Uy  (Modern Church History)
N.B. Fr. Biliran (Canon Law) - finished.

Tuesday – Fr. Heruela (Introduction to Pastoral Theology)
Wednesday – Fr. Marfori  (Dogma Synthesis)
Thursday – Fr. Tiong  (Pastorals of Confession); Fr. Saniel (Spiritual Theology)
Friday – Fr. Layugan  (Patrology)
N.B. Fr. Biliran (Canon Law) - finished.


Fr. Randy Flores, SVD
Dean of Studies

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