Monday, July 30, 2007

Update (1) on Eliseo Cadivin

Eliseo "Ely" Cadivin, SVD
Missing since 23 July 2007
Time: between 1:00pm - 3:00pm)
Place: Olivarez Plaza, Tagaytay City
Age: 34
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Body: Slim, fair complexion
Wearing black shirt with collar and carrying a black bag.
Any information, pls. contact: 09209475791; 09179952275; 046-4131253

his is an update and correction on the previous post on this blog and on newspaper reports on our seminarian, Eliseo "Ely" Cadivin, SVD. Our search is still negative, although we are pursuing an important lead.

Established Facts
1. Ely rode with our driver before 1:00 pm 23 July 2007 (Monday). Ely got off in front of Mercury Drugstore (Aguinaldo Hi-way, near Rotunda).

2. Ely withdrew money from Western Union (few meters from Mercury) amounting to P1500 at 1:17 pm. The guard saw him getting out of the establishment, “parang nagmamadali”, walking northward.

3. Between 3:00 - 4:00 pm, He bought candies from a stall at the Olivarez area (along the Mr. Quickie side). When his picture was shown, the sales woman immediately recognized him. She claimed that her buyer (Ely) was wearing a black shirt and carrying a black bag.

4. On that Monday afternoon also, his brother received a message from Ely informing him he got his money transfer. The brother read the message around 3:00 pm.

Corrections 1. It was posted earlier that he sent text message to his brother at 3:00 pm. The brother thought he could have sent it even earlier. Unfortunately, the message was deleted.

2. It is not sure whether he went to Metrobank or not.

3. It is not also sure that he told our driver that he is going to Manila.

4. Likewise, it is not sure that he was receiving money to shop for his birthday (report from a tabloid).

5. It is not also true that his cell phone keeps on ringing (report from Philippine Star).

After a week of search and analysis of the situation, we suspect that he was kidnapped.
When we told this to the police, they disagree for the following reasons:
1) The amount he had was too small to attract kidnappers.
2) It happened during the day and just few meters away is a police station.
3) He could have gone underground or disappeared on his own.

The following is our rebuttal:
on 1) How could kidnappers know ahead that he had only P1500? How about cases of mistaken identity, "pinag-tripan", innocent people killed for just only a few bucks?

on 2) Only yesterday, a car parked in front of Shakey's Pizza and it was robbed of a laptop computer right under the nose of the police whose station is just across the rotunda.
-We also gathered information on the following robberies that happened in the city since summer.
(1) A Carnapping incident in Olivarez Plaza.
(2) Owner of a Forex center in the same area abducted but released alive.
(3) A missing Indian businessman until now.
(4) Thieves posing as costumers to buy cell cards from a store in Olivarez.
(5) Theft at the Seminary Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol.
(6) Car forcibly opened in front of Shakey's.

on 3) If he went underground or disappeared on his own, do the you think we still go the police? His fellow seminarians, superiors, and relatives see no indications that Ely would do such a police suspicion (or imagination).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eliseo "Ely" Cadivin, SVD seminarian missing

Eliseo "Ely" Cadivin, 34, SVD Seminarian
Missing since Monday afternoon 23 July 2007
any information, please contact: 09179952275 (Fr. Meng)
046-4131253; e-mail

It is with anxiety and sadness that I resume this blog. Eliseo “Ely” Cadivin, 34 a second year theology student of this seminary has been missing since Monday afternoon 23 July 2007.

We suspect that he was snatched after he picked up a money transfer at the Western Union along Silang Crossing (Rotunda), Tagaytay City.

Ely is a SVD seminarian (scholastic) who was born in Sta Clara, Zamboanga Sibugay. He finished BS Medical Technology at Unibersidad de Zamboanga.

He became an SVD seminarian in 2003 joining the associate program in Christ the King Seminary in Quezon City.

He came to Divine Word Seminary (Tagaytay) in 2006. He has been assigned as his weekend apostolate to Phoenix Drug Rehabilitation Center of Tagaytay (2006); Dampalit in Malabon (Summer 2007); and Magallanes, Cavite (present apostolate area).

He is slim, weighing 120 lbs and 5"4 in height.

Around 1:00 pm Monday, our driver dropped him at Western Union in Olivarez Plaza. He received his money transfer at 1:17 pm. The security guard saw him walking northbound. Between 3:00 – 4:00 pm he went to Metrobank located few meters away from Olivarez Plaza and few meters before the city’s jeepney terminal and bus stop. Around this time too, he bought candies at a stall near Mr. Quickie. The saleslady noticed that he was wearing a black shirt and carrying a black bag. Around 3:00 pm, his brother received a text message from Ely with notice that he received the money transfer. It appears that this was his last communication.

We have reported this case for blotter to the police of Tagaytay, Mendez, Indang, Trece, Silang, Dasmarinas; Sta Rosa; and Talisay & Laurel. DZMM and DZBB have also announced it last Monday evening (Dr. Love program of Jun Banaag) and Tuesday morning (Saksi sa Double B of Mike Enriquez) respectively.

Around 9:00 last night, we received a text from a psychic that he was dumped but still alive somewhere in Trece Martires. Since I read elsewhere that “Pentagon Has Spent Millions On Tips From Trio Of Psychics...” (written by R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post November 29, 1995; Page A1 Section), I joined, with skepticism, the search team composed of SVD Seminarians, Priests, Ely’s two brothers, and Trece Martires Police.

By the way, Ely’s brother and a sister belong to the police force of Mindoro. The brother was with us.

For three hours, we searched in the areas that looked the place described by texter-psychic described.

The result was negative.

I will keep you updated in this blog on our on-going search. Please pray that nothing bad happened to our seminarian, Eliseo Cadivin.

By Fr. Randolf Flores, SVD