Monday, February 22, 2016

Symposium on the History of the Filipino Bible

The School of Theology of the Divine Word Seminary-Tagaytay will hold a symposium on the History of the Filipino Bible.

Date: March 2, 2016 (Wed)
Time: 8:00 Am - 12:00 pm
Venue: DWST Arnoldus Hall
All enrolled students are obliged to attend. Attendance will be checked. Classes on Wed morning will be suspended.

Keynote Presentation:
1.      Dr. Edgar Ebojo (PhD, University of Birmingham) – The Coming of the Bible in the Philippines

Allied Presentations:
2.      Fr. Randy Flores, SVD (SSL, Biblicum, Rome; PhD Ateneo) – History of the Ilocano Bible

3.      Sr. Miriam Alejandrino, OSB (SSL Biblicum, Rome; STD Gregoriana, Rome) – History of the Cebuano Bible

4.      Pastor Rico Villanueva (PhD, University of Bristol) – History of the Tagalog Bible

5.      Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD (STL, Salesiana, Rome) – History of the Tingguian Bible

Organizing Committee: Biblical Apostolate Class - Flores

For more information, please contact:
The Dean's Office
Divine Word Seminary-Tagaytay
SVD Road, San Jose,
Tagaytay City 4120


Monday, February 01, 2016

R.I.P. Fr. Juanito Banogbanog, SVD (1964-2016)

Fr. John Banogbanog, SVD (1964-2016)
DWST mourns the passing away of Fr. Juanito "John" Banogbanog, SVD.  Fr. John died of 1st degree--advanced hepatic cirrhosis in Havana, Cuba on Jan 30, 2016. He was 52.

Fr. John was born in Moalboal, Cebu on August 1, 1964. After finishing first year theology at DWST in 1991, then a scholastic,  John was sent to Germany for the Exchange Student Program of the SVD. He finished theology at the Mission Seminary of Sankt Augustin  near Bonn. He was ordained priest in 1999 and went to Cuba for his mission assignment in 2001.

The superior of the SVDs in Mexico and Cuba, a kababayan, Fr. John Benas, SVD posted this on FB:

Juanito was a very devoted missionary in Cuba... When he arrived in Cuba, he had already expressed his unconditional surrender to the Cuban people with these words: "... I can't be unfaithful to what I carry within me: the desire to spend part of my life a missionary in Cuba. I am aware that my efforts and my zeal for the apostolate can't change things. However, I want to try to be an insignificant instrument of the love of God."

On details of Fr. John's death, below is the report from Fr. John Benas, SVD:

Today [January 31], at 8:00am, was his [Juanito] funeral mass, in Havana. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go, I was not able to find ways to change my flight tomorrow for Phils. Anyway I asked our vice provincial & other confrere to attend the burial.
At the end of December last year, he was not feeling well because of high blood pressure and hypertension. He went for a usual check up. He was given medicines and information how to treat his health problems. Apparently it wasn't a big deal & it was out of any preoccupation. He was told to go back for another check up after 2wks. But just after 3 days, he felt bad again, this time not only because of high blood pressure; he vomited blood & defecated blood too. His hemoglobin count went down to 7. He received 2 bags of blood transfusion. They also detected that his liver is bigger than normal; they suspected a tumor; there was retention of liquid in his abdomen; the vein from his esophagus to the liver turned out into varicose with a possibility to explode & will provoke hemorrhage;etc. So the doctors did all the necessary procedures to help Juanito. He was under intermediate intensive care therapy. He was very, pale, etc. They diagnosed him with 1st DEGREE --ADVANCED HEPATIC CIRRHOSIS. After more thank two weeks, he was getting well, able to eat his diet, move, talk, etc. Indeed a very good sign. So he was out of the hospital last January 16, 10:00am. He stayed in our parish house in Havana for recuperation. Was told to go back for check up on the 30th January. But last January 28, he had a setback and had to be brought back to the hospital. Again, he vomited blood & defecated blood 3x. His hemoglobin went down to 5. He received blood transfusion. He was very weak physically though have a good fighting spirit. They tried to prevent the bleeding, endoscopy, heart monitoring, etc. his situation then was very fragile & alarming. His body couldn't respond to medications anymore. On Saturday, 1:00am, he succumbed to the care of the Lord. 
Note: He suffered hepatitis long time ago which was not properly healed. --we were also planning to bring him home, upon the recommendation of the doctors when he was ready to travel. We were doing this through the collaboration of Fr. Heinz and the Generalate. But unfortunately this did not happened. Juanito went ahead so soon.
Fellow Filipinos at the funeral of Fr. John Banogbanog in Havana, Cuba
(from FB of Fr. John Benas, SVD)

The Cardinal of Havana, H.E. Jaime Ortega offers prayers
at the funeral of Fr. John Banogbanog, SVD
(photo from the FB of Olivier Noclam)

(photo from the FB of Olivier Noclam)