Saturday, July 30, 2011

RIP Fr. Adonis Narcelles, SVD (1971-2011)

Father Adonis Narcelles Jr, SVD, DWST alumnus and missionary in Berlin, succumbed to cancer on July 29, 2011 in Berlin. He was 40 years old.  

From FB post of Fr. Felmar Fiel, SVD:

Adonis Llamas Narcelles Jr. SVD was born in Pangasinan. He is the fourth child among seven children of Adonis Narcelles Sr. and Lily Llamas Narcelles. He grew up and went to school in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan. In 1988, he entered the Divine Word Formation Center-Urdaneta, as a seminarian of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD). Two years later, he went to Christ the King Mission Seminary where he finished his bachelor's degree in philosophy.

He entered the Holy Spirit Novitiate in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro in 1994 and then pursued his theological studies at the Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay City.

In 1998, he went to the St. Augustine Mission Seminary in Sankt Augustin, Germany to continue his studies and finished his degree in Theology. After his Diaconate year in the Parish of St. Alexander and Theodor in Ottobeuren (Bayern) he was ordained priest on June 1, 2003. On April 4, 2004, he arrived at his first "mission assignment" in Berlin, as Chaplain of the Filipinos in the Archdiocese of Berlin.

 From the FB post of Fr. Martin Ueffing in Germany:

Adonis wrote on June 30, 2011:
"it’s more than a month now
since this inner battle –
many things, events, signs of hope
have happened since then..
the pale complexion at the beginning
the lost of appetite and weigh
were only symptoms of a sickness
which developed within…
the visit to the hospital
and the series of examinations
in blood, bodily organs
soon revealed a sad discovery…
it was the growth of a rare tumor
near the gall bladder area
at the bile duct near the pancreas
this was the mail culprit…
then, we startet our common prayer
to ask God for healing, for recovery
for deeper faith to accept His will
and many people have responded to our call…
but an operation is necessary
to chick the tumor and its development
on june 6, two days after my 40th birthday
I had the major operation…
it was a successful one
the healing was fast
thanks for your constant prayers
after 12 days I was home again…
four days thereafter
an internal bleeding was diagnosed
but was immediately stopped
thank god…
being in the hospital
was again an opportunity to prepare
for the necessary chemotheraphy
to curb the growth or kill the tumor.
on june 25
Istarted the first chemo session
without much dramatic side effects
again, our prayers were heard by God…
on June 29, the feast of sts. peter and paul
I was home again to regain strength
to take good rest, te eat normal food
and to feel the joy of living…
life goes on after all these events…
this painful journey and battle
again this tumor, these cancer cells
have led me to many realizations in life
and inspired me to write many poems…
there is always life and an hope amidst all these…
I do believe that God is on our side
He alone can kill the tumor an
can restore back my health
as long as we continue to pray…
yes, we don’t give up praying to God
we continue believing in His mighty
and miraculous power to heal me
and all the sick people…
for only God makes all things possible."
God called him... they say, he died with the words "thank you" on his lips... i am sad... and grateful for his inspiring presence... (m.ΓΌ.)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ordination of Sundeep Kumar Pulidindi, PIME

Congratulations to Fr. Sundeep Kumar Pulidindi, PIME, DWST alumnus 2011 who will be ordained to the priesthood on August 6, 2011 in India.

Monday, July 25, 2011

DWST hosts theological symposium on Verbum Domini

Tagaytay City—July 22, 2011—Last Friday marked the theological symposium entitled: “Verbum Domini: The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church,” hosted by the Divine Word Seminary—School of Theology (DWST) in cooperation with the Catholic Biblical Association of the Philippines (CBAP) and Tagaytay Religious Association (TRA). Around 300 participants came to listen to the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Manila, Bishop Broderick Pabillo  who served as the keynote speaker of the said symposium.

The talk is basically an exposition of the latest Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini (VD) signed by Pope Benedict XVI on September 30, 2010 and made pubic only on November 11, 2011. Bishop Pabillo made his presentation simple yet substantial to guide us in reading the document.

From the start, he made it clear that the purpose of the document is “to renew the Church’s faith in the word of God (VD 27).” With this, he indicated that the focus of the document is not only the biblical text but the Word of God in general. He started with the theological point of view of the Word of God, with emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit from the process of inspiration to interpretation. Then he went on with the discussion on the relationship of the Word of God and the Church. He stresses that there is no dichotomy between the Church and the Word of God for the Church and her activities are deeply rooted in the Word of God. Special attention was given to liturgy and part of it is on the homily. Liturgy and the Word are related to each other in a way that it is in the liturgy that the Word becomes alive. In the same manner, it is in the homily that the ancient text is being actualized in the present. Lastly, he talked about the Word of God in the mission of the Church. The Church is called to spread the word of God to all humanity. This is founded in her nature as missionary – evangelizers of the world. And part of our evangelization are the elements of justice, care for the earth, involvement with our time and importance of culture. Bishop Pabillo ended his talk with the message of Pope Benedict XVI for the World Youth day in Madrid.

The event started with an opening liturgy followed by the welcome address of Fr. Alex Muana, SVD, Dean of Studies of DWST. Fr. Wilfredo Saniel, SVD, Rector of Divine Word Seminary concluded the symposium with his closing remarks.

Mark Ramos, SVD

Friday, July 22, 2011

Graduations 2011 and Start of School Year 2011-2012 at DWST

"Beware of the Ides of March!" warns the soothsayer to Julius Caesar. In the seminary, the Ides of March (March 15) is always welcomed with both anxiety and excitement. Thus begin the final exams, comprehensive exams, submission of papers, revalida, graduations and, of course, the  long summer vacation.

Academic Degrees
Last graduation day on March 26, 2011, the main celebrant at the baccalaureate mass was Bishop Joel Z. Baylon, an alumnus of DWST, and recently appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Legaspi. The keynote speaker was Ambassador Henrietta de Villa.  The formal graduation ceremonies followed after the mass.  The  administration's representatives, Fr. Fred Saniel, SVD, Rector of DWST, and Fr. Alex Muana, SVD, the Dean of Studies, together with the main guest, Mrs. Tita de Villa, handed out the diplomas and awards to the graduating students.
Fourth Year Graduating Class

Mrs. Tita de Villa delivers her keynote address

Bishop Baylon at the Baccalaureate Mass

The were 22 graduates of the Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS); 39 of the Four-Year Ecclesiastical Course (18 obtained an STB diploma from Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome and 19 were awarded  an MA in Theology in the non-thesis program). For the Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Theology, there were 52 graduates--meaning these students have completed the first two years of Ecclesiastical Course which the government recognizes as an AB civil degree.
Some CTS Graduating Students
For this academic year, there was no summa cum laude honor student for the Ecclesiastical Course (that means a student who has no academic marks lower than 90 and whose average grade is from 95 to 100), usually the most prestigious of the awards. Omi Intia from the Oblates of St. Joseph, however, was awarded the summa cum laude distinction for his M.A. in Theology Major in Pastoral Ministry (non-thesis).
Omi Intia, OSJ delivers the Valedictory Speech

ALAP Award
The Arnoldus Library Academic Paper (ALAP) Award, the very first one, was won by Mark Angelo Ramos, a SVD scholastic and first year theology student. His term paper was on  “Recovering the Spirituality of the Pharisees of the First Century C.E.,"  a study of the beliefs and practices of practices of the Pharisees that reflect their relationship with God using not only the canonical Gospels but also Josephus, and the Mishnah. Its aim was to present the Pharisees in a wider historical context besides the often negative portrait of the evangelists and draw out the elements of their spirituality by which Christian theology and spirituality might be enriched.
ALAP Awardee Mark Ramos with Fr. Antolin Uy (most senior of the faculty)
Ms. Nica Lepalam (Chief Librarian);
at the back: Tita de Villa and Fr. Fred Saniel, SVD (Rector)

SVD-ALS Graduation
On March 25, 2011, the SVD-ALS also had its second graduation ceremonies at the Arnoldus Hall of Divine Word Seminary. There are around 40 learners who attended the daily modular sessions; 12 passed the Accreditation and Equivalency tests of the Department of Education. The "baccalaureate" mass was presided by no less than Fr. Nielo Cantilado, SVD, Provincial Superior; Ms. Ilsa Reyes of DZMM's Salitang Buhay was the keynote speaker. For more information about SVD-ALS, please click here.
SVD-ALS Graduation with Fr. Randy Flores, SVD

Start of Academic Year 2011-2012
DWST began the Academic Year on June 6, 2011. The traditional Mass of the Holy Spirit on June 14 to open the school year was presided by Fr. Michael Sandalo, CRSP, Rector of St. Paul's Scholasticate (Barnabites). The academic convocation was held on June 27 with Fr. Stephen Gonzales, OSJ, who teaches Christology here, delivering this year's  theological course--"Towards a Filipino Contextual Image of Christ." For the opening ceremonies of the CTS, please click here.

Fr. Mike at the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Fr. Stephen's theological discourse in powerpoint

SVD Diaconate Ordination
Eight SVD scholastics were ordained as deacons last June 25 at the Sacred Heart Hear Parish in Kamuning Quezon City. Ordaining prelate was Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of the Diocese of Cubao. The eight will be ordained priests on Dec 3, 2011.
New SVD Deacons
From left: John Mark Veloso, Sedfrey Nebres, Gilbert Razon; Reniel Nachimma
Bishop Ongtioco (ordaining prelate); John Paul Marquez, Peter Tran Vu, Louie Cris Gregorio,
and Sherwin Aromin

There are 248 enrolled students of DWST--194 regular students; 54 CTS students. The total number of faculty members, both resident and non-resident, is 32.