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Simbang Gabi 2011: Homilies

This year's Simbang Gabi homilies (2011) are coming from SVD Philippine Northern Province. Thanks to the SVD-PHN missionaries who contributed and to Fr. Robert Ibay, SVD who collected them. Please click on the link Simbang Gabi 2011 Homilies.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ukay-Ukay sa SVD Tagaytay part 2 (U2.2) - Garage Sale

‎"One person's junk is another's treasure." - Early Xmas Ukay-Ukay (garage sale) sa SVD-Tagaytay on Nov 5-6, 2011 (Sat & Sun) - for the benefit of SVD-ALS program. Come,buy and/or share. By (buy) sharing what you no longer need, you help save the environment; you help your neighbor; and you help our SVD-ALS (out-of-school) learners.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mass with Archbishop-elect Chito Tagle, SVD-ASPAC formators, and SVD-ALS

Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City (Cavite), Oct 17, 2011--This morning, the newly appointed Archbishop of Manila, Chito Tagle, presided at a mass with around 200 postulants (candidates for admission to religious congregations) who are ending their modular classes.  Bishop Chito has been, for many years, the rector of the major seminary of the Diocese of Imus (Cavite)--Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol (TMP) and thus a resident of  TMP. He preferred to stay in this seminary whose seminarians study at Divine Word Seminary. Since he became the rector, Since 1982 till the first semester of this school year,  the Bishop has also been teaching theology here (Systematic and Theology of the Priesthood).

Here's today's editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer that attempts to analyze the appointments of new archbishops and its implications on the Catholic Church and on the Philippines. Please click on this link.


The SVD formators (rectors, prefects and novice masters) of the Asia-Pacific Region (ASPAC) are also around for a one-week meeting (17-20 Oct). Fr. Antonio Pernia, SVD Superior General will give the keynote address. Of the four zones of the SVD (Africa, Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific), ASPAC has the biggest number of seminarians and brothers in the novitiate and in temporary vows (1,208 in the SVD Catalogus 2011).

Some former CTS students of DWST are coming up again with another garage sale (Ukay-Ukay). The proceeds will go the SVD-ALS program. This program has benefited more than 200 out-of-school youth in and around Tagaytay. The learners attend daily modular sessions in the SVD-ALS center inside  DWST's  compound to prepare them for the accreditation and equivalency tests. For this year's tests, the date is set on October 23 (this Sunday) in Trece Martires City. If you are interested to help in the garage sale, please text this number: 09176284849. 

Today's edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer carries a news on the ALS programs being supervised by the Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation. Please click on this link.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Church groups set anti-RH bill rally on Sept.16 in Tagaytay

TRA members at the prayer rally for Cory Aquino
before she passed away
The Tagaytay Religious Association (TRA) will hold a prayer rally on Friday, September 16, in Tagaytay City in protest against the passage of the controversial reproductive (RH) bill.

TRA, an association of more than 70 seminaries, religious houses, retreat centers, schools and monasteries located in Tagaytay and its environs, said the prayer rally will be held from 2:00 - 5:00 pm starting with rosary processions from various locations in the city. The processions will lead to the Lourdes Church where a talk on the RH bill will be delivered to be followed by a mass with Bishop Chito Tagle, the bishop of the Diocese of Imus.

"This event is a collaborative expression of our collective stand against the passage of the RH Bill now debated in the Senate," TRA chairperson Fr. Sam Agcaracar, SVD, main organizer, said in his letter to the members of the association. "Since Tagaytay City is often dubbed as the Vatican City of the Philippines because of its exceptionally big number of religious houses; and also, since it is used to be called a 'character city' by the local government, it is just right to express our sentiments against the bill that many Catholics now perceived as immoral," said former TRA chairperson, Fr. Randy Flores, SVD.

The event with the theme, Lakad-Dalangin para sa Pagpapahalaga ng Buhay, will proceed as follows: 2:00 PM - start of the rosary procession” to Lourdes parish (note: Clusters 1,2 and 3 will assemble near Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish; Cluster 4 at the SVD Road corner; Clusters 5 and 6 at the Magallanes Drive; Half of the Lourdes parishioners will join clusters 5and 6 and others will wait at the Rotonda area. Please coordinate with your respective barangay captains and officials for the traffic).

3:00 PM - short talk on the RH Bill at Lourdes Parish.

4:00 PM - Holy Eucharistic Celebration

The organizers also announced that "every community and cluster is encouraged to provide a streamer to highlight the theme during the rosary procession," and that each house is asked to encourage also their lay workers and collaborators to participate.


In relation to the opposition to the RH bill, here's a write-up from the CBCP Online on Wikileaks and US policy on Philippines' population control program:

Washington has been behind a population-control drive in the Philippines for the past 40 years, a leaked State Department cable from whistleblower website Wikileaks revealed.

The leaked cable, authored by former US ambassador Kristie Kenney, offers direct proof for the first time of Washington’s long-armed, behind-the-scenes intervention to force developing countries like the Philippines to limit their populations. Kenney’s July 31, 2008 cable welcomed draft legislation promoting artificial contraceptives, referring to the “reproductive health” (RH) bill, as well as Congress’ decision to allocate $3.38 million and $27 million in 2007 and 2008 for “contraceptive supplies” in the wake of the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) decision to “phase down support for condoms, pills, injectable contraceptives and intra-uterine devices.”

“Landmark appropriations and draft legislation reflect increasing commitment within the Philippine Government to further expand and sustain programs started forty years ago with U.S. Government’s assistance through USAID,” Kenney said.

“The U.S. Government continues to be the largest donor in the Philippine population sector supporting efforts to improve local government service delivery and increase private sector contributions to family health outcomes,” she added.

Kenney noted that USAID’s funding for “population and family planning” in the Philippines had gone up to $15 million annually. “The U.S. Government continues to be a leader in population assistance to the Philippines,” she said.

USAID was also helping manufacturers lower the prices of contraceptives, she said. “In parallel, within the private sector, USAID technical assistance enables pharmaceutical companies to launch lower-priced contraceptive products, and to expand choices among consumers with more brands on the market,” Kenney said.

Echoing Henry Kissinger’s infamous National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200, Kenney’s cable noted that the Philippines is already the twelfth most populous country in the world, and is “expected to double its population size by 2044.”

NSSM 200 or the so-called “Kissinger Report” – the declassified document that uncovered Washington’s coercive population control policies – identified the Philippines among several high-population-growth countries that should be subjected to depopulation to protect US commercial interests.

Kissinger, who served as Secretary of State, had warned that population growth in less-developed countries could hamper US access to natural resources.

NSSM 200 recommended a) the legalization of abortion; b) financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion, sterilization and contraception-use rates; c) indoctrination of children; and d) mandatory population control, and coercion of other forms, such as withholding disaster and food aid unless a less-developed country implements population control programs.

During Monday’s Senate debate on the RH bill pro-RH Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago admitted that the RH bill still needs to be cleaned up of all references to population control.

Acknowledging the existence of the “Kissinger Report,” Santiago said a United States-dictated policy on population control was “anathema” to herself and the other RH bill sponsor, Sen. Pia Cayetano.

Kenney has drawn the ire of the Aquino administration for another cable in which she described the late president Corazon Aquino as a “tarnished” and “weak” icon of democracy. In response, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said Kenney, who is now assigned to Bangkok, was a “dismal failure” in the Philippines. (Dominic Francisco).


The so-called Kissinger Report or National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200 Authored by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the secret US government document has been Washington’s blueprint for depopulation to ensure unhampered access to the natural resources of developing countries.

The declassified NSSM 200 states that poor countries should limit their populations to prevent anti-imperialist youth from harming US commercial interests.

The Kissinger report recommends:
1) the legalization of abortion;
2) financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion, sterilization and contraception-use rates;
3) indoctrination of children; and
 4) mandatory population control, and coercion of other forms, such as withholding disaster and food aid unless a less-developed country implements population control programs.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thesis on Prophetic Dialogue defended

Fr. Abs Borja reading his thesis abstract

Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City, Philippines, August 26, 2011---Fr. Abraham Borja, SVD (DWST alumnus 2011) successfully defended his M.A thesis entitled: "An Asian Perspective of the Prophetic Dialogue of the Society of the Divine Word." He earned the mark, Magna cum Laude.  The thesis committee was headed by Dr. Crescencia Gabihan, PhD; Fr. Alexander Muana, SVD (STL Gregorian University and the Dean of Studies); and Fr. Samuel Agcaracar, SVD (STL Gregorian University) served as members of the examination panel; thesis moderator  Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD (STD Gregorian University).  Borja will leave the country at the end of this month for his work as SVD missionary inTaiwan.

Toast to a successful thesis defense!
From right: Tess (CTS alumna), Fr. Alex (Dean), Fr. Abs
Fr. Sam, Dr. Gabijan, Fr. Lex. Fr. Raul, Fr. Randy, and Bing (CTS coordinator)

Students' Day celebrated

The invincible palosebo
 at the DWSTSA games
Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City, Philippines-- "Cross-Fire: Flaming Mission, Crossing Boundaries," this was the theme of the this year's students' day (see the explanation of the theme below). On August 18-19 the Divine Word School of Theology Students Association (DWSTSA) closed  their theology books for the time being and went down to the gym in colorful outfits to play in the different sports games--tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, sepka takraw, and more including indigenous games (palosebo, greased bamboo climbing) and intellectual games like debates and essay writing contest. Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body).  See below for the result of the games.

News report from Mark Ramos, SVD:
Theology II students (Hasidim class)  headed by their class senior, Roxie Roflo, CRSP landed as the general champion for this year’s DWSTSA days held last August 18-19 at Divine Word School of Theology with the theme: “Cross-Fire: Flaming Mission, Crossing Boundaries.”

DWSTSA days is an avenue for us students of DWST to rest for a while in theological studies and celebrate friendship and solidarity in the spirit of sports. The first day begins with the enthronement of the Word of God. Rev. Fr. Alex Muana, SVD, the Dean of Studies formally opened this year’s DWSTSA days followed by the presentation of class mascot and cheers which portrays the class identity. The first day highlights the different native sports such as “batohang bola, basagang palayok, patintero and a group palosebo.” The native sports was followed by the elimination game for basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton, sepak takraw and table tennis. The day ended with the first DWST Video Fest held at Aula Magna.

The second day of the celebration started with the solemn celebration of the Eucharist with Fr Ricardo Germanetto, CRS, rector of the Clerics Regular of Somasca as the main celebrant and homilist. After the Holy mass was the academic competition composed of essay writing, extemporaneous speech, debate, and quiz bee held at the Aula Magna. Simultaneously with the indoor games such as chess, dama, scrabble, word factory and game of the general was the championship game for basketball grabbed by the Pistoi class, volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton and sepak takraw all grabbed by the Hasidim class.

The culmination of the DWSTSA days highlights the agape – a physical manifestation of sharing and friendship among different houses of formation. Likewise, the night highlights Neo-ethic dance competition and the battle of the band grabbed by the Maskilim and Hasidim class respectively. The event was graced by the rectors of different congregations as well as a good number of priest and visitors. The Maskilim (T3) and Pistoi (T4) class landed as second place and  Sondergut class (T1) got the third place of this year’s DWSTSA days. This year’s DWSTSA days was made possible through the leadership of the DWSTSA president Dexter Priete, MSP together with his council.

Some members of the Fourth Year Theology class
Some members of the Second Year Theology Class
(this year's champion class)

At the of the opening of the games


Breaking the pot
Photo credits (facebook downloads):
Li Qi, SVD
R. Valmores
R. Roflo
THE THEME: “Cross-Fire: Flaming Mission, Crossing Boundaries.”

In a multi-cultural institution such as Divine Word School of Theology (DWST) “crossing boundaries” is the key to understanding other culture and people. It indicates an open rather than exclusivist stance other people who are different from us. It is an opening to share with that fire in our heart to proclaim the faith and intention to learn from one another and enriched by it. After all, as the psalmist writes, "Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them. The LORD has done great things for us, and we rejoiced.” (Ps 126:2-3)
The Psalm suggests the right attitude that every student of DWST should possess. It is our appreciation with the great things in us and in others that all will live in unity in the midst of diversity for “How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!”(Ps 133:1) Crossing boundaries represents a mainly suitable means of supporting a better mutual understanding.

We are in an environment with diverse cultural orientation. Philippines alone is divided with so many a culture. Crossing over to these probes the richness and vitality of one’s own tradition. We try to see with their eyes and feel with their heart. For understanding is more than intellectual apprehension. It involves our sensitivity to the fears and hopes of the other. When one speaks of being sensitive and understanding others, it means that it is allowing the other to define themselves in their terms rather than ours, and certainly not in terms of our inherited stereotypes.

But crossing over does not only apply of being with the “other”, crossing over can also happened to ourselves in a manner of cross-examination of our fidelity to our vocation. With all the controversies that the church is facing at the moment, we are called now to likewise do mission to ourselves and to cross from the “other-centered” mindset, be back to ourselves and reflect in order to be in a better disposition to serve God and his people with a renewed burning zeal of service and mission. We are also called to be missionaries to our own selves so as be renewed with our commitment to follow radically Jesus the Christ, the Divine Word.

We do these by igniting the fire that is already in us. We remember that “Christ sent the Holy Spirit from the Father to exercise inwardly His saving influence and to promote the spread of the Church” (AG No. 4). This is a call of awakening the spirit that Jesus once gave us, to strengthen and guide us in our missionary activities. It is a call to become passionate individual intensified with the ideals and sublime example of the first disciples as they walked along the Roman roads to spread the Gospel of Christ full with vigor and spirit. It is a call for missionary fever that we may be essentially bound up with the Creator Spiritus who continuously creating and recreating the Church. Lastly, it is a call for that full and active response to the Spirit’s initiative as Paul and Barnabas did when the Spirit told them to set apart for the work to which he have called them (Act. 13:2).

In this regards we have “CROSS FIRE” as a theme of our DWSTSA Days for this school year. To remind us that the mission today is identified with the burning spirit of crossing boundaries in order to understand deeper the love of God manifested to others who are different from us; that we may experience the God in them with the God in us; and that we may learn from Jesus. We see that when Jesus crossed over the boundary of what was conventional in his own time, he was lifted up on the cross. His cross is of influential significance not because it shaped our salvation but because it was the fulfillment of his life’s mission. From north to south and from east to west a perfect crossing was made – a trail, where everybody from all the corners of the world can walk towards the center, Christ—that from him everyone is equipped to walk and proclaim the same Jesus throughout the world.

Friday, August 05, 2011

RIP Fr. Redentor Corpuz (1946-2011)

DWST mourns the death of Fr. Redentor Corpuz of the Diocese of Imus. Fr. Corpuz, 65, suffered a cardiac yesterday and passed away at 2:00 this morning, Friday, Aug 5, 2011. At the time of his death, Fr. Corpuz was the Superintendent and Director of Catholic Schools in Cavite.

In memoriam. Please listen here to Kahanga-Hanga (How Wonderful [is your name]). Lyrics was written by Fr. Corpuz (music by Fr. Hontiveros, SJ).
Wake is at the Bishop's House, Casas Hall, Imus, Cavite.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

RIP Fr. Adonis Narcelles, SVD (1971-2011)

Father Adonis Narcelles Jr, SVD, DWST alumnus and missionary in Berlin, succumbed to cancer on July 29, 2011 in Berlin. He was 40 years old.  

From FB post of Fr. Felmar Fiel, SVD:

Adonis Llamas Narcelles Jr. SVD was born in Pangasinan. He is the fourth child among seven children of Adonis Narcelles Sr. and Lily Llamas Narcelles. He grew up and went to school in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan. In 1988, he entered the Divine Word Formation Center-Urdaneta, as a seminarian of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD). Two years later, he went to Christ the King Mission Seminary where he finished his bachelor's degree in philosophy.

He entered the Holy Spirit Novitiate in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro in 1994 and then pursued his theological studies at the Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay City.

In 1998, he went to the St. Augustine Mission Seminary in Sankt Augustin, Germany to continue his studies and finished his degree in Theology. After his Diaconate year in the Parish of St. Alexander and Theodor in Ottobeuren (Bayern) he was ordained priest on June 1, 2003. On April 4, 2004, he arrived at his first "mission assignment" in Berlin, as Chaplain of the Filipinos in the Archdiocese of Berlin.

 From the FB post of Fr. Martin Ueffing in Germany:

Adonis wrote on June 30, 2011:
"it’s more than a month now
since this inner battle –
many things, events, signs of hope
have happened since then..
the pale complexion at the beginning
the lost of appetite and weigh
were only symptoms of a sickness
which developed within…
the visit to the hospital
and the series of examinations
in blood, bodily organs
soon revealed a sad discovery…
it was the growth of a rare tumor
near the gall bladder area
at the bile duct near the pancreas
this was the mail culprit…
then, we startet our common prayer
to ask God for healing, for recovery
for deeper faith to accept His will
and many people have responded to our call…
but an operation is necessary
to chick the tumor and its development
on june 6, two days after my 40th birthday
I had the major operation…
it was a successful one
the healing was fast
thanks for your constant prayers
after 12 days I was home again…
four days thereafter
an internal bleeding was diagnosed
but was immediately stopped
thank god…
being in the hospital
was again an opportunity to prepare
for the necessary chemotheraphy
to curb the growth or kill the tumor.
on june 25
Istarted the first chemo session
without much dramatic side effects
again, our prayers were heard by God…
on June 29, the feast of sts. peter and paul
I was home again to regain strength
to take good rest, te eat normal food
and to feel the joy of living…
life goes on after all these events…
this painful journey and battle
again this tumor, these cancer cells
have led me to many realizations in life
and inspired me to write many poems…
there is always life and an hope amidst all these…
I do believe that God is on our side
He alone can kill the tumor an
can restore back my health
as long as we continue to pray…
yes, we don’t give up praying to God
we continue believing in His mighty
and miraculous power to heal me
and all the sick people…
for only God makes all things possible."
God called him... they say, he died with the words "thank you" on his lips... i am sad... and grateful for his inspiring presence... (m.ü.)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ordination of Sundeep Kumar Pulidindi, PIME

Congratulations to Fr. Sundeep Kumar Pulidindi, PIME, DWST alumnus 2011 who will be ordained to the priesthood on August 6, 2011 in India.

Monday, July 25, 2011

DWST hosts theological symposium on Verbum Domini

Tagaytay City—July 22, 2011—Last Friday marked the theological symposium entitled: “Verbum Domini: The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church,” hosted by the Divine Word Seminary—School of Theology (DWST) in cooperation with the Catholic Biblical Association of the Philippines (CBAP) and Tagaytay Religious Association (TRA). Around 300 participants came to listen to the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Manila, Bishop Broderick Pabillo  who served as the keynote speaker of the said symposium.

The talk is basically an exposition of the latest Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini (VD) signed by Pope Benedict XVI on September 30, 2010 and made pubic only on November 11, 2011. Bishop Pabillo made his presentation simple yet substantial to guide us in reading the document.

From the start, he made it clear that the purpose of the document is “to renew the Church’s faith in the word of God (VD 27).” With this, he indicated that the focus of the document is not only the biblical text but the Word of God in general. He started with the theological point of view of the Word of God, with emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit from the process of inspiration to interpretation. Then he went on with the discussion on the relationship of the Word of God and the Church. He stresses that there is no dichotomy between the Church and the Word of God for the Church and her activities are deeply rooted in the Word of God. Special attention was given to liturgy and part of it is on the homily. Liturgy and the Word are related to each other in a way that it is in the liturgy that the Word becomes alive. In the same manner, it is in the homily that the ancient text is being actualized in the present. Lastly, he talked about the Word of God in the mission of the Church. The Church is called to spread the word of God to all humanity. This is founded in her nature as missionary – evangelizers of the world. And part of our evangelization are the elements of justice, care for the earth, involvement with our time and importance of culture. Bishop Pabillo ended his talk with the message of Pope Benedict XVI for the World Youth day in Madrid.

The event started with an opening liturgy followed by the welcome address of Fr. Alex Muana, SVD, Dean of Studies of DWST. Fr. Wilfredo Saniel, SVD, Rector of Divine Word Seminary concluded the symposium with his closing remarks.

Mark Ramos, SVD

Friday, July 22, 2011

Graduations 2011 and Start of School Year 2011-2012 at DWST

"Beware of the Ides of March!" warns the soothsayer to Julius Caesar. In the seminary, the Ides of March (March 15) is always welcomed with both anxiety and excitement. Thus begin the final exams, comprehensive exams, submission of papers, revalida, graduations and, of course, the  long summer vacation.

Academic Degrees
Last graduation day on March 26, 2011, the main celebrant at the baccalaureate mass was Bishop Joel Z. Baylon, an alumnus of DWST, and recently appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Legaspi. The keynote speaker was Ambassador Henrietta de Villa.  The formal graduation ceremonies followed after the mass.  The  administration's representatives, Fr. Fred Saniel, SVD, Rector of DWST, and Fr. Alex Muana, SVD, the Dean of Studies, together with the main guest, Mrs. Tita de Villa, handed out the diplomas and awards to the graduating students.
Fourth Year Graduating Class

Mrs. Tita de Villa delivers her keynote address

Bishop Baylon at the Baccalaureate Mass

The were 22 graduates of the Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS); 39 of the Four-Year Ecclesiastical Course (18 obtained an STB diploma from Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome and 19 were awarded  an MA in Theology in the non-thesis program). For the Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Theology, there were 52 graduates--meaning these students have completed the first two years of Ecclesiastical Course which the government recognizes as an AB civil degree.
Some CTS Graduating Students
For this academic year, there was no summa cum laude honor student for the Ecclesiastical Course (that means a student who has no academic marks lower than 90 and whose average grade is from 95 to 100), usually the most prestigious of the awards. Omi Intia from the Oblates of St. Joseph, however, was awarded the summa cum laude distinction for his M.A. in Theology Major in Pastoral Ministry (non-thesis).
Omi Intia, OSJ delivers the Valedictory Speech

ALAP Award
The Arnoldus Library Academic Paper (ALAP) Award, the very first one, was won by Mark Angelo Ramos, a SVD scholastic and first year theology student. His term paper was on  “Recovering the Spirituality of the Pharisees of the First Century C.E.,"  a study of the beliefs and practices of practices of the Pharisees that reflect their relationship with God using not only the canonical Gospels but also Josephus, and the Mishnah. Its aim was to present the Pharisees in a wider historical context besides the often negative portrait of the evangelists and draw out the elements of their spirituality by which Christian theology and spirituality might be enriched.
ALAP Awardee Mark Ramos with Fr. Antolin Uy (most senior of the faculty)
Ms. Nica Lepalam (Chief Librarian);
at the back: Tita de Villa and Fr. Fred Saniel, SVD (Rector)

SVD-ALS Graduation
On March 25, 2011, the SVD-ALS also had its second graduation ceremonies at the Arnoldus Hall of Divine Word Seminary. There are around 40 learners who attended the daily modular sessions; 12 passed the Accreditation and Equivalency tests of the Department of Education. The "baccalaureate" mass was presided by no less than Fr. Nielo Cantilado, SVD, Provincial Superior; Ms. Ilsa Reyes of DZMM's Salitang Buhay was the keynote speaker. For more information about SVD-ALS, please click here.
SVD-ALS Graduation with Fr. Randy Flores, SVD

Start of Academic Year 2011-2012
DWST began the Academic Year on June 6, 2011. The traditional Mass of the Holy Spirit on June 14 to open the school year was presided by Fr. Michael Sandalo, CRSP, Rector of St. Paul's Scholasticate (Barnabites). The academic convocation was held on June 27 with Fr. Stephen Gonzales, OSJ, who teaches Christology here, delivering this year's  theological course--"Towards a Filipino Contextual Image of Christ." For the opening ceremonies of the CTS, please click here.

Fr. Mike at the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Fr. Stephen's theological discourse in powerpoint

SVD Diaconate Ordination
Eight SVD scholastics were ordained as deacons last June 25 at the Sacred Heart Hear Parish in Kamuning Quezon City. Ordaining prelate was Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of the Diocese of Cubao. The eight will be ordained priests on Dec 3, 2011.
New SVD Deacons
From left: John Mark Veloso, Sedfrey Nebres, Gilbert Razon; Reniel Nachimma
Bishop Ongtioco (ordaining prelate); John Paul Marquez, Peter Tran Vu, Louie Cris Gregorio,
and Sherwin Aromin

There are 248 enrolled students of DWST--194 regular students; 54 CTS students. The total number of faculty members, both resident and non-resident, is 32.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Summer Garage Sale - Ukay Ukay sa Tagaytay

A garage sale, Ukay Ukay sa Tagaytay, will be held on May 21-22, 2011 (Sat-Sun) at the Divine Word Seminary here in Tagaytay City for the benefit of the SVD-Alternative Learning System (ALS).

May 22 will be also the occasion for the SVD Perpetual Vows 2011.

By donating your used (but in good condition) items like shoes, bags, toys, home items, etc. you will help send  out-of-school youth to the Alternative Learning System.

Drop off point is at the SVD. Just inform the guard it is for Ukay-Ukay ALS c/o Fr. Randy Flores, SVD.

For more info, please contact 0917-6284849.

To know more about the SVD-ALS, please click here.

Friday, April 29, 2011

RIP - Fr. Hermie Bacareza, SVD and Fr. Erasio Flores, SVD

We mourn the death of Fr. Hermie Bacareza, SVD, 80  (d. April 23, 2011) and Fr. Erasio Flores, SVD, 78 (d. April 28, 2011). They were classmates in the seminary and even in death--God called them back almost at the same time. "The Lord has given; the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord" (from the prologue of the Book of Job).

Last 2009, with the other two former classmates--Fr. Dom Flores, SVD and Fr. Victor Bunanig, SVD--they celebrated together their golden jubilee in the priesthood with a mass at the place where they were ordained--Sacred Heart Parish in Kamuning Quezon City.  Here's the homily of Fr. Dom Flores, SVD at that Eucharistic celebration.

Golden Jubilee Celebration Sermon

My classmates have unanimously designated me to give the sermon today in the name of us all. But don’t you worry; you’ll also have a chance to listen to each one of them later on at the end of the Mass.

Background of the Celebration
We would like to put in wider picture our celebration today, in the context of the SVD Centennial Celebration. Exactly one hundred years ago this year (1909-2009), the first two German Divine Word missionaries arrived in the Philippines to start a new mission in the Province of Abra. Throughout this year (2009), especially in the month of August, special celebrations took place in various parts of the country, especially in the Province of Abra, where the SVD was born, to commemorate the ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SVD PRESENCE in the Philippines.

Golden Jubilee Celebration
It is in this wider perspective that we would like to celebrate our Golden Jubilee today. Fifty years ago to this day, 18th October, also Mission Sunday then, four young men were ordained priests in this same church of the Sacred Heart parish, Kamuning. It was still a “baby” church then; but now this parish church like us has grown in age by fifty years, but has also grown in wisdom and grace. The ordaining prelate was the late Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Siino. I remember, being an Italian he spoke very fast. (In some parts only the angels could understand him). But he made us priests forever!

SVD Ordination 1959: from left - Erasio Flores, Dom Flores, Vic Bunanig, Hermie Bacareza
My brothers and sisters, these four young men are here now with us - all present and accounted for, but only because of the grace of God! Like soldiers coming home from battle, we may have been wounded or bruised, but we are still much alive; we may look tired but we are not yet retired; we may have been outnumbered by other ordination classes (only four), but we were never out-fought. We were young once and good looking once upon a time; but, well, see for your selves, we’re now looking good.

Mission Sunday
Since we were ordained on a Mission Sunday like today, we heard, loud and clear, the same challenging message of Christ addressing the four of us then in a very personal way: “Go and make disciples of all nations... Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...Teach them all that I told you... I’ll be with you always.” (Gospel)

Notice all the action verbs: “Go, make disciples, baptize, teach...” Christ urged us to go and do what we have to do. And so we went willingly and joyfully to all four corners of the globe

Golden jubilee mass, Oct 18, 2009, Sacred Heart Church, Kamuning, Quezon City
The first: Fr. Gene Bacareza: He was assigned to Germany. And so he went to his first love, the German people, with whom he ministered for 11 years. Later on he returned to the home mission where continued writing lot of books and earning academic degrees. To me he is THE PROFESSOR-SCHOLAR of our class.

The second is Fr. Vic Bunanig: He applied and was appointed to Indonesia, where he went soon after ordination. He’s still there ministering to the present time. The Indonesians are his first and last love. I asked him whether he is already thinking of coming home for good. He said that he has no plans. It’s because the Indonesians are his first and last love. To me he is THE MISSIONARY PAR EXCELLENCE of our class.

Our third is Fr. Erasio Flores. We are not related at all except in Christ. He first worked in San Jose, Mindoro after ordination. But soon the Superiors and confreres spotted him as good export material for Rome, Italy. They got him there and eventually he became one of the Councilors at our SVD Generalate. Later he also has had missionary stint in Spain and Germany. To me, Fr. Erasio is THE SERVANT-LEADER of our class.

The fourth is Fr. Dom Flores, that’s gracious me! I was ministering unobtrusively in the Philippines for my first 25 years as home missionary. Then suddenly, my superiors remembered me after my Silver Jubilee. The SVD Generalate of which Fr. Erasio was then a member, sent me to the South Pacific – to American Samoa. I was missionary there for ten years.

When our mission there was accomplished they transferred me to Australia. At first I didn’t want to go to Australia, but I finally accepted for three reasons: Australia is a multicultural country; a secular society; and fewer vocations (priests and religious). So, I’d like to call myself THE MISSIONARY DOWN UNDER of our class.

The Challenge of Mission Sunday to us all:
1. To the Youth who are here today and are listening: If you are looking for true happiness, don’t hesitate to follow Jesus. Join His missionary work! Follow your heart and don’t stifle his voice when you hear Him calling you today. He may not invite you again... Decide to follow Him now!
2. To Parents: Allow your sons or daughters to follow Jesus if they feel Jesus is calling them. Join the many parents who have offered children to God;
3. To EVERYONE: Be a missionary at home by studying what is Christ’s mission; Support the home or overseas mission with your material help. Above all, be in solidarity with the missionaries by praying for them.

Finally, we’d like to adopt the theme of the SVD Centennial Celebration as our very own: “WE REMEMBER, WE REJOICE, WE RENEW!” So as Ordination Class 1959, we shall always REMEMBER God’s goodness to us as His missionaries. We REJOICE in His faithfulness, though at times we may have been unfaithful. And we RENEW today our undying commitment to Him for the rest of our lives.

(Personal testimony): Recently I was asked by a group of young SVDs: “If you were given a choice today, would you still choose to become a priest? I said: “Yes, I would.” They repeated the question a second and a third time. And looking at their eyes, I said with all sincerity: “I would and I would still become a priest.” I’m sure the same holds true with my classmates today. So today we commit ourselves once again to Christ the King as His missionary priests for ever and ever.


Friday, March 04, 2011

Arnoldus Library Academic Paper Award (ALAP Award)

The Arnoldus Library is giving an award, the Arnoldus Library Academic Paper Award (ALAP Award). The ALAP Award comprises a plaque of recognition from Divine Word Seminary and a cash honorarium of P5,000.00 from an anonymous donor coursed through Fr. Dominador Flores, our SVD missionary in Australia.

The award will be presented at the Graduation Ceremonies on March 26, 2011 to the student who has written the best academic paper (term paper or synthesis paper) for the school year 2010-2011 as determined by an Award Committee chaired by Fr. Randolf Flores, SVD.

The aim of the award is both to reward excellence and to encourage students to write academic papers with high quality.

Who is eligible?
• A bona-fide student of Divine Word Seminary who has submitted his or her academic paper on time to the Dean’s Office and whose grade given by the moderator is not lower than 95%.
o The M.A. thesis is not covered by the ALAP Award.
o Academic paper means the annual term paper or the synthesis paper only.

• The chairperson of the board of judges will check over the academic papers submitted at the Dean’s Office. He will then select three potential winners from which the Award Committee will choose the best. The criteria of the short list would be:
o (1) the moderator’s grade
o (2) the form and style
             footnotes, bibliography, English, and the like
o (3) content
             the novelty of the study
             the use of sources
             the flow of the arguments
o (4) effective Conclusion
             not just a simple summary
             but an articulation of what the readers can learn from the paper.

What must the student do?
• To see to it that at the Dean’s Office his or her academic paper has been given a grade by the moderator.
• Deadline for the short list: March 21, 2011 before 5:00 p.m.

Friday, February 18, 2011

SVD-ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Test Passers for 2010

SVD-ALS' visit of Jose Rizal's ancestral house
The result of the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Tests of the Department of Education is now released online. The tests were conducted last October 2010. We are happy to announce our SVD-ALS learners who passed the tests:

Elementary Level:
1. Aguilar, Liezel
2. Atlas, Liezel
3. Delos Santos, Vicky
4. Serwelas, Merry Grace

Secondary Level:
1. Aguilar, Lara Jean
2. Cerezo, Jhon Carl
3. Daguil, Charlene
4. Gornez, Jude Marcus
5. Improgo, Raiza Jhoana Pauline
6. Isla, Jan Carlo
7. Martinez, Miguelito
8. Sabidolas, Sheralyn

As in the past year, we have a 100% passing rate for the elementary level (4 out of 4). For the high school this year, out of the 22 learners who took the tests, 8 passed (8 out of 22 or 36.36%). For this year then, there are 12 passers or 46.15%. Last year, there were 9 passers out of 46 takers or 19.56%. We did a lot better this time, on its second year of SVD-ALS. We hope to raise the passing rate to 50% next examination in October 2011.

Out of the 9 learners who passed last year’s tests, 7 are now in college as scholars of the Alfonso Yuchengco Foundation through the initiative of Fr. Flavie Villanueva, SVD. We hope to send all of this year’s 8 high school level passers to college. The Pepsi Cola Plant in Muntinlupa, through its HR manager, Atty Allan Montealegre (former SVD novice), is also offering a work and study program for our ALS passers.

For the rest of the learners—there are 129 registered, around 40 of them attend the daily modules—we shall continue to prepare them for the tests and at the same time assist them in livelihood training programs. With financial assistance of the Pondo ng Pinoy foundation, SVD-ALS has a basic computer literacy program; and with the invitation of the Ming Ramos Foundation, some learners attend massage therapy trainings at the DAP-Tagaytay.

The graduation ceremony will be held on March 25, 2011 at 1:00 pm at the Arnoldus Hall, Divine Word Seminary.

At this point, we would like to thank our generous benefactors and supporters for a successful ALS year:

1. Divine Word Seminary, through its Rector, Fr. Fred Saniel SVD, for lending the former Arnodus Dispensary building as the SVD-ALS center;

2. Philippinische Gottesdienst Gemeinde in Vienna, Austria through the initiative of Fr. Rosendo Sandoval, SVD whose donation paid the salaries and benefits (SSS) of the three teachers for this year;

3. Pondo ng Pinoy Foundation with the support of Bishop Chito Tagle and the Diocese of Imus for the Basic Computer Literacy Program;

4. Saint Jude Catholic School for their outreach youth training programs and school supplies;

5. Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation, through its head, Fr. Jerome Marquez, SVD for the supervision and partnership;

6. Miss Bambi Gamban, a CTS student, for the handling the Basic Computer Literacy program, computer units, and guitars;

7. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Cue for supporting the bookmark project;
8. Miss Cristina Pahilan for assisting in the beekeeping project;

9. Mr. Paul and Mrs. Thelma Mauricio for the financial assistance, computer units and computer chairs;

10. Ms. Heddy Lee for the Christmas gatherings;

11. The SVD Sunday Group and Fr. Raul Caga, SVD for sponsoring the educational trip;

12. Mr. Byron and Mrs. Nini Carbon; Ms. Seni Basilio for the guitars;

13. Saint Jude Parish for school supplies;

14. Aida and Joanna Lou Velarde for school supplies;

15. Atty Yolly Doblon for financial assistance;

16. CTS alumni through Dr. Marita Guevarra for financial assistance;

17. SVD scholastics for the spiritual and moral support;

18. Divine Word School of Theology Students’Association (DWSTSA) for livelihood project;

19. Sandiwaan Center through Fr. Ben Beltran, SVD for the computer units;

20. Fr. Ed Fugoso, SVD for financial assistance.

There are more unnamed supporters of SVD-ALS, may God doubly bless them.

May God be blessed trough the SVD-ALS and may he reward your generosity (2 Cor 9:7).

With the SVD-ALS learners,

Fr. Randy Flores, SVD – Site coordinator
Fr. Flavie Villanueva, SVD – Treasurer
Ms. Olive Tolentino – Instructional Manager (IM)
Ms. Perla Costa – IM Aide
Ms. Ritchelle Razon – IM Aide

Please click here to know more about SVD-ALS

If you want to join the SVD-ALS support group, please write to Fr. Randy Flores, SVD  email addresss:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Canon Law Forum for the Laity

The graduates of Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS), the Saturday program for the lay at the Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay City will conduct a Forum on Canon Law entitled “Batas ng Simbahan Para sa mga Layko” (Canon Law for the Laity).

The aim of the said forum is to offer to the laity the opportunity to know the canonical-pastoral issues facing the contemporary Church i.e., marriage; their rights and obligations; and their role in the Church.

Two of the leading Canon lawyers in the country have earlier agreed to be the resource speakers for the Forum: (1) Father Adolfo Dacanay, SJ, professor of Theology at the Ateneo de Manila University, a judge in the ecclesiastical tribunals of Manila and Lucena, and author of Canon Law and Marriage (Ateneo de Manila Press, 2000) and Sacraments of Initiation (Anvil, 2006); and (2) Father Jerome Marquez, SVD, professor of Canon Law at the Divine Word Seminary and San Carlos Seminary, defender of the Bond at the National Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal of CBCP and director at Saint Jude Catholic School in Manila.

The Forum will be held on 22 January 2011 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the chapel of Divine Word Seminary. There will be a minimal registration fee of only One Hundred Pesos (PHP100.00).

For more information, please send a text message to mobile number 09182977004 or please call (046) 4716951.

For the Certificate in Theological Studies program of Divine Word Seminary, please click visit

Doctor Marita Panganiban-Guevarra, M.D. is the over-all coordinator of the Forum; Father Randy Flores, SVD acts as the adviser.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fiesta of Hesus Nazareno Parish, Dasmarinas, Cavite

TV5 News clip of the Procession - January 9, 2011

For this year's fiesta, which was on a Sunday, the 6:30am mass was celebrated by Bishop Chito Tagle; the 8:30am mass became the fiesta mass with the SVDs--Fr. Nielo Cantilado was the main celebrant and Fr. Lino Nicasio preached the homily.Concelebrating were Frs. Jerome Marquez and Randy Flores who were the pioneers of Hesus Nazareno-Dasma; two Chinese students Frs. Wang and Wang; Fr. Kit Ramirez, the assistant parish priest, and Fr. Manny Mijares, one of the newly ordained SVDs who helps in the parish during week-ends.

Homily of Fr. Linus Nicasio, SVD

Bisperas, the night before the Fiesta. Dasmarinas City Mayor Jenny Barzaga gives her inspiration speech at the Dance Contest for youth sponsored by the ALS under Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation dubbed as ALSayawan

Miss Laila "Chikadora", special guest, with SVD-ALS learners
Before the Fiesta Mass. Mrs. Teresita "Inday Jaca" (front left), one of the first contacts of the SVDs with Fr. Linus and lectors , Baby and Mila. At the back, Fr. Jerome, Fr. Nielo and Fr. Ed (parish priest)

At the Our Father. The church has a 2,000 seating capacity

The image of the Black Nazarene

At the procession

The following is an article on the history of the parish written last year for the SVD Centennial Book

The Mission History of Simbahan ng Hesus Nazareno
in Dasmariñas Bagong Bayan, Cavite
Fr. Randolf C. Flores, SVD
21 April 2009

Simbahan ng Hesus Nazareno (Church of Jesus, the Nazarene) is, at present, the only SVD parish in the Diocese of Imus (Cavite). It began as a pastoral center on Holy Week of 2001 under the care of the Parish of the Risen Christ in Bulihan (Silang, Cavite)—at that time still administered by the SVD but was turned over to the Diocese in 2003. Fr. Jerome Marquez, SVD and Fr. Randolf “Randy” Flores, SVD, who were teaching Canon Law and Bible respectively at Divine Word Seminary, volunteered to run the pastoral center which, after three years (9 January 2004), became a quasi-parish with the former as the first parish priest (until 2005).

The Beginnings
The establishment of the Simbahan ng Hesus Nazareno, although a result of careful planning and the effort of people of goodwill, was also providential—as one that was “guided by the Spirit” (cf. Gal 5:25). Since the SVD Philippine Central Province was turning over the parish in Bulihan, a former resettlement area, to the diocesan clergy, there was a suggestion from the Vicariate of Immaculate Conception, one of the five vicariates of the Diocese to which Bulihan belonged, for the SVDs to do community organizing in another resettlement area, the Bautista Property located at Barangay Sampaloc IV, in Dasmariñas Bagong Bayan (DBB, Cavite). In the mid-80s, informal settlers from Metro Manila including those from NAIA, Legarda, and MIA Road were relocated to Bautista Property. Statistics showed that there were close to 40,000 relocatees, 60% of whom were children in this 33 hectare relocation area. The diocesan clergy had noticed the growing number of the population, the increasing demands for sacramental services of a priest, the worsening situation of peace and order, the illegal drug problem, and the poverty of the place—the main source of livelihood was doormat making.

Negotiations began towards the end of the year 2000—between the late Fr. Joel Maribao, SVD, then the provincial and Bishop Manuel Sobreviñas, then the bishop of Imus; between Fr. Restituto “Resty” Lumanlan, SVD, then the parish priest of Bulihan and Mr. Ed Pamintuan, former general manager of the government’s National Housing Authority (NHA). The government through the NHA owned the 7,512 sq. m. and the abandoned garment factory located at Barangay Luzviminda Dos which Fr. Resty had judged as the best site for a church building, a convent, an SVD mission center, and a school in the future.

In the meantime, Fathers Jerome and Randy, with two SVD scholastics—Alan Leus and Bernard Sabijon— started to live in a rented house in a nearby subdivision, Bahay Pangarap, in March 2001 in time for the Holy Week preparations. They were assisted by Mrs. Teresita “Inday” Jaca, the lay leader of that place, and Miss Ivy Jaca, her daughter—they were the first contacts of the SVDs.

The pioneer group was supported by Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay City headed by Fr. Antolin Uy, SVD, then the rector. The support ranged from providing household needs like cabinets and beds to the use of vehicles. Likewise, Miss May Cristobal of Pasay, a friend of the group, gave the initial fund to pay the rent and food for the first two months while the SVD District of Manila provided the monthly missionary allowance.

After the summer break of 2001, the group decided to move to Bautista Property, to live closer to the relocatees. With Mrs. Ana Tapanan and Arjay Venus—a working student then and now an SVD scholastic—as house helpers, they rented a house in Zone which served both as a residence and a pastoral center and named it, "Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Center." Masses, baptisms, weddings, formation talks, and meetings were conducted at the center. It became a "house church" (cf. Acts 1: 13).

In 11 August 2001, the first Basic Bible Seminar was held in the small chapel of City Homes Subdivision. Fathers Randy and Jerome were assisted in facilitating the seminar by SVD scholastics who were doing their week-end apostolate in Bautista. Three of them are now ordained missionaries of the SVD—Fr. Ferdinand “Ferds” Resuena (now in East Timor), Fr. Ruel “Dudz” Lero and Fr. Alvin Jayma, both are working in the SVD Philippine Southern Province. The SVD scholastics also began to form a youth group, a youth choir, and helped in organizing the BECs which was headed then by Mrs. Gemma Patricio.

Also around this month, the Caburlotto Sisters near Tagaytay City, through the initiative of their superior Sr. Idangela del Ben, sent Sr. Leah Salaga nd Sr. Shirley Vidal to the center to assist the volunteer catechists and eventually to run the catechetical program of the center which their sisters still do until now. The first group of catechists consisted of the two sisters, Mrs. Marina Lopez, Mrs. Erly Navera, and Soledad Brimbuela; and Fathers Jerome and Randy who taught elementary pupils at the public school of Bautista and at the City Homes Academy respectively.

In the same month (13 August 2001), Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation, Inc. was created to assist the operation of the Center, especially the acquisition of the land and the support of the livelihood programs. Led by Ms. Victoria Amalingan of the SC Vizcarra company and with the valuable assistance of two sisters who are SVD friends—Ms. May Cristobal and Ms. Fe Cristobal—the Foundation was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 7 Nov. 2001.

The following year, the Center, through the financial support of Mr. Edwin Ty, opened its doors to the out-of-school children and youth and non-literate adults. Sagip Dunong (“Save Knowledge”), a non-formal education or Alternative Learning System duly accredited by the Department of Education was established.

Communities of the SVD Pastoral Center
Apart from Bautista Property and Bahay Pangarap, two more subdivisions were under the SVD pastoral center—City Homes and University Hills. Later on, Saulog, Sitio Talisayan and the whole territory of Barangays Luzviminda Dos and Sampaloc IV were included. Then parish priests of these areas—Fr. Ted Villanueva of the Sacred Heart Parish in Area C where Bautista Property belonged and Fr. Fr. Sharkey Brown of the Mabuting Pastol Parish in Pala-Pala where the rest belonged— willingly allowed the SVDs to do community organizing through basic ecclesial communities (BEC), conduct liturgical services, Bible seminars and Bible sharings.

Since there was no church building yet, liturgical celebrations were done in different places—in the basketball court and club house of Bahay Pangarap, in the small chapels of City Homes and University Hill, in the nursery centers and streets of Bautista, and most of the time under a borrowed tent (cf. Exodus 40:2) in front of the abandoned garment factory being negotiated with the government to turn it to a multipurpose center which would house the church and the convent. In fact, it was under this tent that the first mass was celebrated in 9 January 2002 by the just installed bishop of Imus, Bishop Chito Tagle—it was the feast of Poong Hesus Nazareno (Jesus, the Nazarene). When Bishop Tagle would raise the pastoral center to a quasi-parish in 2004, the community decided to name the new parish, Simbahang Hesus Nazareno (and in that church and in that same year, the same bishop would ordain to the priesthood four SVD deacons).

Mrs. Yolly Cayabyab, Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Cora Garcia, Mrs. Gemma Patricio from Bautista Property; Mrs. Inday Jaca and Miss Lita Uko from Bahay Pangarap; Mrs. Nida Serdeña, Mrs. Bella Angeles, and Mr. Ceferino “Fering” Lopez from City Homes; Mrs. Erly Navera from University Hills; and Mrs. Salvacion “Ning” Engojo from Saulog, were the early contacts and lay leaders of the communities belonging to the SVD pastoral center.

From Garments Factory to Church Building
The meetings between the representatives of the SVD and NHA bore fruit. The latter allowed the use of the land and of one of the abandoned garments factories (called “MODAS”) in Luzviminda Dos which Fr. Resty, the main negotiator from the SVD side, saw it as a “very strategic site” (it sits today near a major road where jeepneys ply from Brgy Paliparan to the town of Dasmariñas passing through De La Salle University, the biggest academic institution in the province of Cavite).

A problem, however, arose. Former members of the labor union who had worked in the old factory claimed ownership of the scrap inside the building as their union’s share when the factory closed down in 1994. Representatives of both side sat down to solve the matter---Miss Lita Ukol, Fathers Jerome and Randy, Mr. Fering Lopez, and Mrs. Yolly Cayabyab from the church’s side; Mr. Dominador “Doming” Aganan (labor union leader) and Mr. Ronnie Abayon (barangay chairman of Luzviminda Dos) from the labor union’s side. Negotiations and meetings were mediated and facilitated by Mayor Elpidio “Pidi” Barzaga, then the Dasmariñas mayor (now congressman) and Mr. Romeo Joson (barangay chairman of Sampaloc IV). The final deal was for the pastoral center to pay P60,000 in cash to the union members which was the value of the metal scrap inside the building. That deal was signed by both parties inside the mayor’s office. The community then conducted fund-raising activities especially asking the families to give monetary donations in the masses for their dead on All Saints Day. The Pink Sisters of Tagaytay, through their superior Sr. Josanne Bautista, donated 50% of the amount. Thus, on 7 March 2002, after blessings and prayers were said, future members of the Simbahan ng Hesus Nazareno, entered triumphantly the old factory—the new “God’s house.”

The Simbahan ng Hesus Nazareno Today
Today, the parish runs the following ministries:
• Liturgical Committee (Lay Ministers; Lectors and Commentators; Ushers; Altar Boys; Choirs; Liturgical Arts; Apostleship of Prayer; and Maintenance)
• B.E.C. Organizing
• Basic Bible Seminars
• Livelihood Program (Microfinance System)
• Family Life Ministry under the Family Renewal Movement and El-Shaddai
• Youth Ministry
• Catechism for Children c/o Caburlotto Sisters and Volunteer Catechists
• Formation
• Health
• Environmental Concerns

The second and the present parish priest is Fr. Edilberto Orpilla, SVD (2005- ) whose assistant was Fr. Jose “Joey” Guinto, SVD (2005-2008) and now Fr. Christopher “Kit” Ramirez, SVD (2008-).

Only eight years old but the Simbahan ng Hesus Nazareno has touched many lives. Indeed, it is trying to live the SVD “Prophetic Dialogue” as it fulfills the vision of the Diocese of Imus—“A community that is God-oriented and therefore oriented to neighbor, life, society and creation.”