Tuesday, December 01, 2009

TRA supports the call of Bishop Ambo David for GMA NOT to Run for Congress

The talk of Bishop Ambo David at the TRA meeting last night was well appreciated by its members. Bishop Ambo explained, in the light of his experience at Synod of Bishops on the Bible, how the Sacred Scripture finds its home in the Church and how Church life is permeated by the Word of God. He argued that after the destruction of Temple of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E, the Synagogue became the new home of the Torah. For the followers of Jesus later on, the home became the new house of the Word--the home becoming the first place of the Church. Today , he says, the Church is the open house for the Word and the world.

This "house" is supported by four pillars -- teaching of the apostles; koinonia or fellowship; breaking of the bread; and the prayers.

He ended his talk narrating how the Church in Pampanga (Diocese of San Fernando) tries to become the real home of the Word, revealing that 500 hectares of church land have already been given up by the Diocese for land reform.

While waiting for his turn to talk, we had an a chance to ask Bishop Ambo some questions on the politics of Pampanga. He confirmed that the GMA is running for Congress; his older brother Prof. Randy David has ditched his plan to run against the President for obvious reasons; and that by running, GMA is going against basic Christian principles of power and decency. He is therefore urging the President not to run for Congress. His prayer: "God save Pampanga!"

The Tagaytay Religious Association (TRA)--an organization of nuns, lay people, priests, and brothers belonging to 100 religious houses, seminaries, houses of formation, retreat houses, convents, secular institutes, and monasteries in Tagaytay and its environs--supports the call of Bishop Pablo Virgilio David for GMA NOT to run for Congress.
Seminarian-members of TRA at a prayer rally (file photo)