Wednesday, May 14, 2014

School Calendar for Academic Year 2014-2015

DATE                                                   EVENT
June 2 - 6 (Mon.- Fri.)Enrollment Period
June 9 (Mon.)Start of Classes
June 11 (Wed.)Opening Mass
June 12 (Thurs.)

June 14 (Sat.)
Independence Day (No Classes)

Start of CTS Classes

June 16 (Mon.)
Academic Act/ Orientation
June 21 (Sun.)Araw ng Tagaytay (No Classes, Sunday)
June 23 (Mon.)Start of Classes for the Special Courses
July 3 (Thurs.)Presentation of Candidates for the DWSTSA
July 5 (Sat.)CRSP (Barnabites) Feast Day (No Classes)
July 7 (Mon.)Faculty/ Rectors’ Meeting
July 10 (Thurs.)DWSTSA Election of Officers
July 11 (Fri.)Theological Symposium / CBAP
July 24 (Thurs.)DWSTSA Oath Taking
July 21-25 (Mon.-Fri.)Students’ Evaluation by the Dean of Studies (T-4)
Aug.4-8 (Mon.-Fri.)Mid-term Examinations
Aug. 14-15 (Thurs. & Fri.)DWSTSA Days
Aug. 19 (Tues.)CJM Feast Day (Classes)
Aug. 21 (Thurs.)Ninoy Aquino Day (No Classes)
Aug. 25 (Mon.)National Heroes Day (No Classes)
Aug. 28 (Thurs.)SASMA Feast Day (Classes)
Aug. 25- 29 (Mon.-Fri.)Students’ Evaluation by the Dean of Studies (T-3)
Sept. 8 (Mon.)SVD Foundation Day (No Classes)
Sept. 15 (Mon.)Tertiary Capuchins’ (Amigonians) Feast Day (Classes)
Sept. 19 (Fri.)Submission: final draft of Dogma Synthesis (Season1)
Sept. 22-26 (Mon.-Fri.)Students’ Evaluation by the Dean of Studies (T-2)
Sept. 25 (Thurs.)Submission of Project Paper Proposal (T-3)
Oct. 4 (Sat.)OFMCap Feast Day (No Classes)
Oct. 6-10 (Mon.-Fri.)Students’ Evaluation by the Dean of Studies (T-1)
Oct. 6-10 (Mon.-Fri.)Final Examinations
Oct. 13 - Nov.3Semestral Break
Oct. 20-24 (Mon.-Fri.)Enrollment Period
Oct. 27-28 (Mon.&Tues.)Dogma Oral/Written Compre Exams (T-4 First Season1)
Nov. 1 (Sat.)All Saints Day (No Classes)
Nov. 4 (Tue.)Professors’ submission: final grades for the 1st sem
Nov. 4 (Tue.)Start of the Second Semester
Nov. 10 (Mon.)Faculty / Rectors’ Meeting
Nov. 17 (Mon.)Start of Classes for the Special Courses
Nov. 19 (Wed.)Project Paper Defense (T-4)
Nov. 30 (Sun.)Bonifacio Day (No Classes)
Dec. 1 (Mon.)TMP Foundation Day (Classes)
Dec. 4 (Thurs.)CHED: Submission of Enrollment List
Dec. 5 (Fri.)DWSTSA Christmas Party
Dec. 8 (Mon.)Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec. 15 – Jan. 4, 2015Christmas Break
Jan. 1 (Thurs.)New Year’s Day (No Classes)
Jan. 6 (Tue.)Resumption of Classes
Jan. 9 (Fri.)Deadline: Submission- Term Papers (T2)
Jan. 9 (Fri.)Final Draft of Dogma Synthesis (T4 season e)
Jan. 17 (Sat.)Admission Test – incoming T-1 (first batch)
Jan. 19 – 23 (Mon.-Fri.)Mid-term Examinations
Jan. 21 (Wed.)CHED: Submission of Application for SO Numbers
Jan. 23 (Fri.)MSFS Feast Day (Classes)
Jan. 23 (Fri.)Submission of Project Paper (CHED Copy) T-4 obligatory
Jan. 24 (Sat.)Admission Test – incoming T-1 (second batch)
Jan. 25 (Sun.)SAN PABLO Feast Day (No Classes)
Jan. 29 (Thurs.)MSP Foundation Day (Classes)
Feb. 6 (Fri.)Deadline: Submission of Term Papers (T1)
Feb. 8 (Sun.)CRS (Somascans) Feast Day (No Classes)
Feb. 9-10 (Mon. & Tues.)Dogma Oral/Written Compre Exams (T-4 Season2)
Feb. 16-17 (Mon.&Tue.)Comprehensive Examinations (T1,T2, T3)
Feb. 19 (Thurs.)Theological Symposium
Feb. 25 (Wed.)EDSA Revolution Anniversary (No Classes)
March 2 (Mon.)Submission of Moral Paper (T-3)
March 2-6 (Mon.-Fri.)Final Examinations (T-2 [AB Theology] / T-4)
March 6 (Fri.)Tribute for T- 4
March 9 (Mon.)Joint Faculty / Rectors’ Meeting
March 16-17 (Mon.&Tues.)Admission Interview for incoming T-1
March 19 (Thurs.)OSJ Feast Day (Classes)
March 16 - 20 (Mon.-Fri.)Final Examinations (T1, T2, T3)
March 21 (Sat.)Graduation Day
April 3 (Fri.)Professors’ Submission: final grades for the 2nd sem
April 28 (Wed.)CHED: Submission of School Calendar

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