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Awarding Ceremonies:  7:00 PM, March 11, 2014
Covered Court, Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City

On the occasion of the DWST Semicentennial, the members of the academic and formation community of the Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City, have chosen the following alumni as awardees:

Category 1: Distinguished Alumnus Award
The Distinguished Alumnus Award recognizes a former student of DWST who has made a significant contribution to the Church and country in doing prophetic dialogue with the poor and marginalized, faith-seekers or those with no faith community, other religious traditions or secular ideologies, and local or other cultures (cf. DWST Mission Statement).

Awardee: FR. ED PANLILIO (DWST 1981, SASMA)—former director of the Social Action Center of Pampanga (SACOP) and former governor of the province of Pampanga. He was named "Filipino of the Year" for 2007 by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Among Ed receives from the Rector
of DWST, Fr. Fred Saniel, SVD,
a statue of St. Arnold Janssen
after his keynote address
before DWST graduates in 2008

[The First Distinguished Alumnus Award was given to Fr. Antonio M. Pernia, then the SVD Superior General, in 2009 (Centennial of the Philippine SVD)].

Category 2: Ad Gentes Mission Award
The Ad Gentes Mission Award recognizes an alumnus of DWST who has shown extraordinary efforts in doing prophetic dialogue as a missionary priest outside the Philippines.
– pioneer Filipino missionary in Ghana (1973- present).

Filipino Missionaries in Ghana in 1975

Category 3: Magister Award
The Magister Award recognizes a professor who has shown an exemplary commitment as a teacher at DWST.
Awardee: FR. ANTOLIN UY, SVD – Church historian and teacher at DWST since 1979.
Fr. Uy together with his relatives and friends
during the celebration of his 50th year
as priest (ordained in Rome, Feb 1964)

Category 4: Filipino Theology Award
The Filipino Theology Award recognizes an alumnus of DWST who has made significant contribution to the inculturation of theology and to the development of Filipino Theology.

Awardee: FR. DIONISIO MIRANDA (DWST  1972, SVD) – moral theologian; has authored six books dealing on the inculturation of moral theology; his last book, Kaloob ni Kristo: A Filipino Christian Account of Conscience (Logos Publications, Manila 2003) won the Gintong Aklat Award 2004, Religious Books category, of the National Book Development Association of the Philippines.

Category 5: Diakonia Award
The Diakonia Award recognizes a former member of the staff of DWST who has shown an exemplary service at DWST.
Awardee: MRS. SOCORRO BELARDO – has served the Dean’s Office and Rector’s Office from 1970-2009
Ate Cory giving her testimonial to the golden jubilarian

Category 6: Special Recognition
Keynote Speakers, Respondents, and Preachers
1) Archbishop John Hung, SVD
2) Fr. Herbert Scholz, SVD
3) Fr. Antonio Pernia, SVD
4) Fr. John Fuellenbach, SVD
5) Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle
6) John L. Allen, Jr.

 Alumni Bishops
1) Bastes, Arturo (DWST 1971, SVD), Bishop of Sorsogon
2) Baylon, Joel Z. (DWST 1979, TMP), Bishop of Legazpi
3) de la Peña, Edwin (DWST 1981, MSP), Bishop of Marawi
4) Du, John F. (DWST 1979, SASMA, Archbishop of Palo
5) Famadico, Buenaventura M. (DWST1984, SASMA), Bishop of San Pablo
6) Hung, John (DWST 1973, SVD), Archbishop of Taipei, Taiwan
7) Jaucian, Leopoldo (DWST 1982 [Philo], SVD), Bishop of Bangued
8) Manuel, Vicente +(DWST 1969, SVD), Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose
9) Palang, Antonio (DWST 1973, SVD), Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose
10) Rillera, Artemio+ (DWST 1971, SVD),  Bishop of the Diocese of San Ferdando, La Union
11) Solis, Oscar (DWST 1978, SASMA), Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, CA, USA
12) Varquez, Crispin B. (DWST 1989, SASMA), Bishop of Borongan

Rectors of DWST
1) Fr. Alois Lehberger, SVD, 1964–1969+
2) Fr. Wenceslao Fernan, SVD, 1965–1966+
3) Fr. Amante Castillo, SVD, 1968–1970
4) Msgr. Miguel Cinches, SVD, 1970–1973+
5) Fr. Florante Camacho, SVD, 1973–1974
6) Fr. Herminio Ricafort, SVD, 1974–1979
7) Fr. Antolin Uy, SVD, 1979–1987
8) Fr. Herman Mueller, SVD, 1979–1980+
9) Fr. Florencio Lagura, SVD, 1987–1990
10) Fr. Robert Orig, SVD, 1990–1993
11) Fr. Herbert Scholz, SVD, 1993–1995
12) Fr. Lino Nicasio, SVD, 1995–1996
13) Fr. Dionisio Miranda, SVD, 1996–1999
14) Fr. Antolin Uy, SVD, 1999–2002
15) Fr. Joseph Miras, SVD, 2002–2005
16) Fr. Wilfredo Saniel, SVD, 2005 – present

Deans of DWST
1) Fr. Frederick Scharpf, SVD+, 1969–1972+
2) Fr. Macario Magboo, SVD, 1972–1975
3) Fr. Reiner Franke, SVD, 1975–1981
4) Fr. Herbert Scholz, SVD, 1981–1985
5) Fr. Florencio Lagura, SVD,- 1985–1987
6) Fr. Antolin Uy, SVD - 1987–1990
7) Fr. Constante Floresca, SVD+, 1988-1990+
8) Fr. Guillermo Villegas, SV, 1990–1992
9) Fr. Lino Nicasio, SVD, 1992-1995
10) Fr. Antolin Uy, SVD, 1995–1996
11) Fr. Lino Nicasio, SVD, 1996–1999
12) Fr. Felix Ferrer, SVD, 1999–2004
13) Fr. Michael Layugan, SVD, 2004–2008
14) Fr. Alexander Muaña, SVD, 2008–2012
15) Fr. Felix Ferrer, SVD, 2012- present

Affiliated Seminaries
1) Clerics Regular of Somasca (Somascans)
2) Clerics Regular of St. Paul (Barnabites)
3) Fil-Mission Seminary (Mission Society of the Philippines)
4) Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS)
5) Oblates of St. Joseph (OSJ)
6) Pontifical Institute for Foreign Mission (PIME)
7) Religious Tertiary Capuchins of Our Lady of Sorrows (Amigonians)
8) San Pablo Theological Formation House
9) Servants of the Paraclete (SP)
10) St. Augustine Major Seminary (SASMA)
11) St. Lawrence of Brindisi House of Studies (OFM Capuchins)
12) Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol

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