Saturday, December 16, 2006

Simbang Gabi

After a Misa de Gallo in Hinalong
a chapel on the mountain of Aguinaldo, Ifugao
December 2004

Today is the first day of Misa de Gallo ("Mass of the Rooster") known as "Simbang Gabi" ("Dawn Mass"). Many churches though have already begun Simbang Gabi last night. For those preparing homilies and who would want to reflect further on the liturgical readings, here are some sites:

Simbang Gabi


-Tagalog Simbang Gabi homilies written by students of Divine Word School of Theology (Tagaytay City) in December 2004 and uploaded in this site by RCF.


-the official website of Recoletos Philippines where in the section “Homilies” you can read the Simbang Gabi sermons in English by OARs delivered last year (2005). It also includes other homilies for certain occasions.


-personal website of Fr. Lito Jopson, diocesan priest of the Diocese of Pasig; contains an archive of his Sunday and Simbang Gabi homilies (English).

Sunday Readings


-website maintained by Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University (Missouri) where the Sunday Readings are explained by six authors using different approaches arranged in a kind of hexapla (“sixfold”). One of writers, Dr. John Pilch, once visited the Philippines as the guest speaker of CBAP.


-personal website of Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, a Franciscan Capuchin and Preacher to the Papal Household. The site contains his homilies and talks. A Sunday homily is usually uploaded on Saturday afternoon (Manila Time)

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