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Bishop Tagle on Telling the Story of Jesus in Asia

Bishop Tagle talks on "Telling the Story of Jesus in Asia"

Bishop Chito Tagle of the Diocese of Imus, who teaches Theology of the Priesthood and Synthesis of Dogma, spoke last Tuesday (Dec 5) to the academic community and to the religious of Tagaytay. The talk was on the paper he delivered at the Asian Mission Congress last October 18-22 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The theme of the Congress speaks of how Christians do mission today in this great continent, "Telling the Story of Jesus in Asia". Click on this to read the official statement of the Congress.
Participants gather for the Eucharist
at the closing ceremony
of the Asian Mission Congress in Thailand
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Bishop Tagle underlined in his talk the power of a story to communicate a message. As life is in quest of a narrative, narrative transforms life. A story poses a better world in which one can inhabit.
Members of Tagaytay Religious Community stands
to pray at the end of Bishop Tagle's Talk

One day, a certain Korean nurse, the bishop narrates, gets curious of fellow nurses who gather every lunch break and are always happy. She asks what they are doing and fellow nurses tell her about their gathering together to celebrate the Eucharist, narrate to her about the story of Jesus. The Korean lady buys her own bible to read about Jesus and later on joins the group, becomes a Christian and ends up studying theology in the Philippines. Now she is a theological adviser to her Bishop in Korea.

Click on the image below to watch the initial part of Bishop Tagle's talk. Write to if you want a complete copy of his talk in DVD format.

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