Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ming Ramos and the Seminary Garden

First Lady Ming Ramos

One the day before the feast of Immaculate Conception, the seminary opened its garden to the public. Former First Lady Ming Ramos who owns the famous Ming's Garden near Tagaytay cut the ribbon while Fr. Fred Saniel, SVD rector prayed the blessing witnessed by the scholastics and staff and some friends of the seminary.
Seminary staff Cha, Cory and Demy pose
beside the Buddha Bamboo
in the Garden of Providence

The garden, the work of Fr. Mike Layugan, SVD Dean of Studies, is located adjacent to the Dining Hall of the Fathers and the Brothers and named "Garden of Providence" because, as the rector said, "the garden came to be through the generosity of benefactors."

Watch a videoclip of the blessing of the Garden of Providence. Click on the image below.

The two "bahay kubo" (nipa hut) were donated by OFWs in Rome, care of Miss Divine Santos and family. The plants which are all for sale came from the gardens of Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Ramos.
Lady in red is Mrs. Meyer who was celebrating
her birthday on the same day.

The proceeds of the sale of the plants will go for the maintenance of the seminary.

Some of the plants in the Garden of Providence:
Pelican plant (Aristolochia gigantea)
from the garden of Mrs. Meyer;
its unopened bud resembles a sleeping pelican,
high climbing with leaves up to 10 in
(origin: Costa Rica)

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Marianne said...


The correct spelling of "Mrs Mayers" is "Mrs. Meyer" ...although I can see how the typo matched the name "Mrs Ramos" ;). I am Susan Meyer's grandaughter.

Small typo in the "sleepiong pelican" caption for the Pelican plant. The caption's source is
Need citation? Interestingly the flowers can be as big as 10 in too...or as my mother says, "bigger than the plate!"