Friday, July 22, 2016

Annual Research (Term) Paper: Areas and Advisers

For T1 and T2 Students (alphabetically arranged)

For Advisers (alphabetically arranged)


For the Mechanics of the Term Paper, click here.

July 18 (Monday):  Submission of the Three Areas (Desiderata) for Research (Dean’s Office, before 5:00 pm).

August 10 (Tue): Submission of Term Paper Proposal (e-mail submission before 11:59 pm).

December 15 (Thursday): Submission of the Term Paper (one printed copy only and must be submitted to the Dean’s Office on or before 5:00 p.m.). Note that there is an official Title Page of our school. Download a sample form here (under no. 6)

February 20 (Tuesday): Submission of the Corrected Term Paper (one printed copy to be submitted to the Dean’s Office with attachment of the approval sheet from the moderator; and the soft or electronic copy in PDF submitted to the email address: The form of the approval sheet can be downloaded here (Under 6.3)

Grading System
Copy of the Term Paper (Dec 15 submission) – 60%
Corrected Term Paper (Feb 20 submission) – 40 %

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