Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Legend of FT

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Legend of FT
August 9, 2010, 4:46pm

KUDOS! Hurray! Cheers! Salamat!

Former President FVR has spoken up, asking P’Noy to “do something to reverse Tagaytay’s deterioration.”

As one who grew up loving Tagaytay for its garden-like weather and springtime air, I am outraged that the good people of that once many-splendored place kissed by the mist and beloved of the moon have not expressed their outrage over the promotion of their ex-mayor to MMDA chairman. Was it coincidence that during the nine years that Francis Tolentino was mayor, the city’s charm faded, allowing a honky-tonk to squat across a convent and a Palace in the Sky to be turned into a dump?

According to an urban legend of the time, the First Lady was so incensed when she noticed that the initials FT were emblazoned in metal and other materials everywhere on public property. Angered by the ubiquitous display of one man’s vanity, arrogance and abuse of authority, she summoned the mayor to explain.

“What are your initials doing all over Tagaytay, FT?” she demanded to know.

“Oh,” FT replied, “but those are not my initials.”

“No? So what do they mean?”

FT replied, “Forward, Tagaytay!”

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