Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Professor James H. Charlesworth lectures at Divine Word Seminary

Should the Gospel of John be used in Reconstructing Jesus’ Life and Thought?
A Theological Symposium with Professor James H. Charlesworth

Venue: Divine Word Seminary
SVD Road, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Date: July 17, 2009 (Friday)
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am Tel. no: 046-4131253 // Text: 09273909863

Professor James H. Charlesworth is Princeton Theological Seminary’s George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature and director and editor of the Seminary’s Dead Sea Scrolls Project. He holds a B.D. from Duke Divinity School, a Ph.D. from Duke University Graduate School, and an E.T. (Elève Titulaire) from the Ecole Biblique de Jerusalem. He is a Fellow of the Norwegian Royal Academy. An ordained Methodist minister, Charlesworth is active in the United Methodist Church Greek Orthodox and Methodist Symposia and directs the Syrus Sinaiticus Project at St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai. His academic interests include the Dead Sea Scrolls, apocryphal works, the historical Jesus, the Gospel of John, and the Revelation of John. He teaches courses on the relationship between the Jesus traditions in the gospels and the theologies of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the life and thought of Jesus of Nazareth, the Old Testament in the New, the Gospel and Epistles of John, and the Hebrew and Theology of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Major Publications

The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, 2 vols. (1984–1985)
Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Doubleday, 1992, 1995)
The Beloved Disciple (Trinity Press International, 1995)
The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, 3 vols. (Baylor University Press, 2006)
The Serpent: A Symbol of Life or Death? (Anchor Bible Reference Library, 2006)
The Historical Jesus (Abingdon Press Essential Guides, 2008)
The Good and Evil Serpent: How a Universal Symbol Became Christianized (Yale University, 2009)

The symposium is hosted by Divine Word Seminary-Tagaytay City in honor of the 100 years of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) in the Philippines and sponsored by the Catholic Biblical Association of the Philippines (CBAP) which is celebrating its 10th foundation anniversary.

Fr. Randolf C. Flores, SVD
President, Catholic Biblical Association of the Philippines

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