Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Solemn Compline

Here's a trial mp3 of the portion ("Now let your servant go in peace or Nunc dimittis) of a sung compline (Night Prayer) we pray in the seminary every Saturday evening. The sung complines and vespers composed by Bishop Mike Cinches, SVD are now being recorded on CD by the SVD fathers and brothers for the SVD Philippines centennial.

Soloists are Fr. N. Cantilado (our provincial) and Fr. A. Muana (our dean).
Guitarist is Fr. D. Salac (Arnold Janssen parish in Cebu).
Musical director is Mr. Nez Marcelo
Bass - R. Flores
Others: B. Joaquin, E. Fuguso, R. Crisostomo, E. Menguito, W. Saniel (our rector)
The person moving this project is Fr. R. Caga of the Arnoldus Company (ARCOM) fame.
compline-vespers trial | Upload Music


elfs said...

very pleasant arrangement. so moving.

Jojo Lazaro said...

Amazing!!! At last, nasa tono na rin si Fr. Ed Fugoso.

Anonymous said...

Praised be Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Ave Maria!

Dear Fr. Flores,

Im Jayson Leones and I was very impressed by your compline in mp3 form.

Ask ko lang po kailan po ito ma proproduce at saan po ito pwede mabili?

Thank you po.

Randolf C. Flores, SVD said...

please visit my multiply account for more sample tracks and other info.

Anonymous said...

I was in deep thought thinking about my life and somehow was guided by the spirit to your blog to hear this prayer. I was moved to tears, as I felt the heavy burden being lifted out of my chest. Thank you.

Randolf C. Flores, SVD said...

Blessed be G-D!