Saturday, September 08, 2007

Family Feast 2007

Fr. Antolin Uy, at 70 something,
still plays tennis and wins;
here with Fr. Alex Muana playing
doubles for his family.

Not a few readers of this blog wonder why its hibernation. The double demand of teaching and dissertation writing was taking toll on me plus the ongoing operation to locate our missing seminarian. This holds true, likewise, for my other blog Misalinggo (commentaries on Sunday readings) whose last post was on May 5.

Nonethless, here's an opportunity to resume blogging - on the 132th anniversary of the SVD (founded in Steyl, Holland in 1875) celebrated traditionally in the seminary with a Family Feast.

Family Feast kicks off with a cheering competition

Ate Cory Belardo, the most senior of the employees,
leads this cheering squad

Ate Viray of the laundry department

Manang Andring and some of the girls

Volleyball game:
Basketball used to be the major game,
times have changed.
In his book Witness to the Word (Logos, 2005), Fr. Estioko portrayed Arnold Janssen with these four characteristics: hard worker, silent type, true to his ideals, closeness to God (pp. 23-24) In short, the founder is a serious person or, or as we often say of him, “strict”.

In all that seriousness,, we are surprised that he knew how to have fun. The founder established July 2 as the common feast day for all priests, brothers, and sisters, in order to foster a feeling of belongingness. It was to be celebrated this way: a free day for everyone; solemn High Mass with deacon and subdeacon; celebration in the aula with a missionary theme; a community excursion in the afternoon. The joint celebration was restricted to the priests, brothers and seminarians; sisters were not invited (Alt, Journey in Faith, p. 841).

In 1905, he wrote to his assistant with the suggestion “to introduce a celebration in connection with our patrons and the goals of our Society. It should be on the feast of the Transfiguration (Aug 6) or on the following Sunday.” After the Founder’s death, this feast developed into what we call and celebrate every year as family feast.
Fr. Schenk and Fr. Ronnie perform
at the cultural night --
a rare appearance of Fr. Schenk,
the most senior of the confrères,
to bring his team to no. 1

Also starring: Frs. Gerry Paat,
Lito Reyes (guest professor),
Meng, and Mike Layugan

scholastics and staff


Board of Judges

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Hi Fr. Randy, I am very glad you're out of your hibernation. Does this mean you've finished your dissertation? Congrats! And I look forward to your next blogs/commentaries.