Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fr. Raul Caga, SVD

Raul Caga (center) at the CMMA Awards
flanked by Fred Saniel (left), rector of DWST
and SVD seminarian Ketchie Barrantes

Fr. Raul Caga's album "Called by Love" (Arnoldus Communications Center 2005) was a nominee in the Best Religious Song Category of the recently concluded Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA, Nov. 11, 2005). Fr. Raul is a professor of Moral Theology at the Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City.

The nomination was a formal recognition of the quality of the album and Fr. Caga's talent. It is also an acknowledgment of the capabilities of our own audio recording center, called Arnoldus Communications Center where at the moment some religious albums have already been produced with quality and with a minimum charge.

Budding singers and producers usually stay for a week for such kind of production and while "working" enjoy the clean and green environment of the Divine Word Seminary and even have even a chance to participate in the touching and solemn liturgical celebrations with the SVD missionaries and seminarians.

Some months ago, I posted my review of the first song in the Called by Love album, "One Heart, Many Faces". Here's it:

The song creates a genre that could forshadow cosmic unity between the sacred and the profane, faith and reason, heart and mind. Its melody sways from a typical soulful pinoy-hum inflected by a forlorn voice to a more emphatic, confidence-filled hymn, marked by heightened voices and polyphony of instruments. A theme song called paradoxically, "One heart, many faces" strides along this route: from a lonely sound of a singular, undefined flute as if in a far-away mission land a la Morricone's The Mission, to the African sounding drums, ba dam ba's of Arnoldus Co. and to the syllabaric o-a-o of the reverend sisters of the Holy Spirit.. With the thought alone that the Pink Sisters append their voices to the praise part of the song could make one feel "co-canonized." The songs' spirit moves from lament to praise; from "wounded" to "graced".

You can download the song here "one heart many faces" [ required: multiply.com account].

The album is availabe at Logos Publications, contact: 0063-2-711-13-23; email: info@logospublications.com or at the Divine Word Seminary, 0063-46-4131253


Anonymous said...

you are a wonderful inspiration thank you your album helped us alot we love the closeness to the lord your songs bring 0_o you are great

Anonymous said...

where can we find lyrics of these songs? thank u

Anonymous said...

Your wonderful music and golden voice has been a moving inspiration of hope and peace. May you produce more songs that enlightens and keep us moving towards Christ.God bless and more power to your ministry! *** A. Tom-en, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Sir how can i download the song One Heart Many Faces?
Multiply is not available.