Wednesday, August 23, 2006

16th SVD General Chapter re-echoed

Chapter Delegates of the Philippine Central Province

Our official delegates to 16th General Chapter held in Rome came up to Tagaytay yesterday (22 Aug 2006) "to inform the community personally and motivate confreres put into practice what the chapter decided" (from "Statutes for Chapters", Handbook for Superiors SVD).

Jerome Marquez, part-time lecturer of Canon Law and the present director of St. Jude Catholic School near Malacanang, reported on the purpose and nature of a chapter and the section on Leadership; Pablito Tagura, rector of Christ the King Seminary, dealt with Spirituality and Formation and Paul Jaucian, the provincial superior, on Community and Finance.

Divine Word Seminary Community

In a 20-page summary of the chapter deliberations which they handed out to the audience and in their oral presentations, three points seemed to have been given emphasis:

(1) a modest assessment of the gains of the SVD (called "lights) and an honest acceptance of its failures (called "shadows").
Example, as SVD is the only male religious congregation that that has a steady increase of vocations, 14% since 1961, it continues to go to the "frontiers" (e.g. Chad, HIV/AIDS victims, Refugees, and Migrants). On the other hand, a significant number of young missionaries quickly abandoned their mission assignments.

(2) Internationality (SVDs from different nationalities living together) and Multiculturality (from different ethnic, linguistic, and cultural origins) continue to be a unique character of the SVD.

(3) Prophetic Dialogue is becoming a convincing and appropriate paradigm of the theory and praxis of SVD mission permeating in the way the members live the SVD spirituality. For a definition of Prophetic Dialogue, please click on this: PROPHETIC DIALOGUE.

For a chronicle of the 16th SVD General Chapter, please click on this: SVD CHAPTER.

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