Certificate in Theological Studies

Enrollment for the First Semester of the Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) Program is now ongoing!

Here's your chance to study theology and the scriptures, especially for the laity. Learning about our Catholic faith has never been more exciting, joyful, rewarding and fun as when you do it with us at the Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay. Come and visit us soon!

You may contact us through email: ctstagaytay@yahoo.com; also through text or call: 0933-4305017 (Bing) or 046-4131253 (Lanie). Classes start on 13 June 2015.

P.S. You may sit-in for free for the first two class sessions to help you decide whether the CTS course is what you have been looking for.

For more information about CTS please visit www.ctstagaytay.blogspot.com

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